Stone Cold Killer

He peers in the door
A ghost of a figure
Eyes cold...deep
Meaningful, yet evil
The hair on my skin...rises
Chilling me to the bone
As cold sweat drips from my hair
Beads of moisture cling to my clothes
The night air is thick
His musky odor burning deep into my soul
A milky fog grows ever so close
Surrounding me...
In a whirlwind of torment
The hideous creature
Lashes out at me
With a tongue like a snake
And scales of a lizard
His presence is ever so close
The smell of death lingers
His harsh gurgled voice
Claims he is here to take me...
Deep into the darkness of Hell
The sword glowers in the shadowy night
As he thrusts it in my heart...
Stabbing deeper...and deeper
Eyes showing no fear
As I took my last breath
I looked deep into his eyes
Of the stone cold killer I always feared!

By Roxe Anne Peacock

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