Castle Rock State Park/Fatal Catch

Castle Rock used to belong to our family until they sold it to the state as a park. My family had summer trailers behind a bar/restaurant back in the 1960's along the river. All the cousins loved playing on the steep rock overlooking the Rock River. And I am grateful to be alive today after falling 30 feet off the rocks to below. Fatal Catch was inspired by childhood which was surrounded by historic sites such as the Black Hawk statue and park, John Deere's home which later became a museum, and Castle Rock. I also lived in Grand Detour, IL, Dixon, Oregon and surrounding towns. My second mystery, Fatal Catch, is set in the 1960's in Grand Detour, Illinois.

Back cover blurb:

It's 1963, and Chief Riley Bennett knocks on Dody Canfield's door informing her that her husband died instantly when his car struck a telephone pole. Not wanting to raise her three children alone, it isn't long before she brings home Frank Billings; and he's moving in.

Mama sends thirteen-year-old Missy to take her little brother, Billie, fishing so she can have some alone time with Uncle Frank. Billie casts his line into the murky river water hooking the big one; granddaddy of all fish. He quickly hands the reel to Missy hoping not to lose his catch. Missy reels in slowly--bubbles begin emerging--releasing an undercurrent of secrets, deadly lies, and terror on the Canfield family.

Read Fatal Catch to find out what it was like growing up in the 1960's, fishing, and murder in a small town.

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