History Lover’s Cookbook

History Lover's Cookbook is available on Kindle, in full-color paperback, black and white paperback, and on Audible. Read excerpts from Foreword Clarion Reviews below.

"History Lover's Cookbook, by Roxe Anne Peacock, reflects the author's passion for history and cooking. The book offers a breezy overview of Civil War history and is a good resource for adventurous cooks who want to learn more about period cooking techniques and foods. It is organized chronologically, from the fall of Fort Sumter in 1861 to General Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox in 1865. Peacock summarizes military and political actions, punctuated by interesting anecdotes about historical characters, paragraphs about food and social history, and recipes to make at home or at the campfire, inspired by nineteenth-century cooks."--Foreword Clarion Reviews

"There's an endearing personal flavor throughout this volume, which was designed by the author's daughter and features many stories about the early military career of George Armstrong Custer, since the author's husband portrays him in a historical troupe. Peacock's family has long been involved in Civil War reenactment, a tradition that extends now to the grandchildren. The author also does an excellent job of pointing out how cooking techniques, medical care, and social mores differ from the Civil War to the present day."--Foreword Clarion Reviews

"Even with the flaws, History Lover's Cookbook could appeal to a variety of readers interested in American military and social history and in historical cookbooks. It is an inviting way to introduce Civil War and nineteenth-century social history to young adults and is an excellent resource for educators looking for project ideas to help reinforce historical facts and themes."--Foreword Clarion Reviews

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