Smokin’ Good Eats

Over 70 recipes with 50 full-color photos of alcohol infused smoked, grilled, and delectable sides.

Smokin’ Good Eats begins with brines, rubs, glazes and sauces to a show stopper smoked basket weave bacon wrapped meatloaf with maple bourbon sauce. There is also bone-in pork shoulder, pulled pork with creamy apple slaw, smoked St. Louis ribs with Supreme St. Louis rib sauce that includes English stout beer. Fantastic Guinness baby back ribs, smoked Guinness pork belly, smoked sausage with cheese bacon wrapped jalapeƱo peppers, smoked kielbasa, spicy honey bourbon lime wings, honey bourbon chicken drumettes, and smoked wild-caught center-cut sockeye salmon with a maple and Grand Marnier sauce. There is smoked family style baked beans with hamburger and bacon, somoked stuffed Portobellow mushrooms stuffed with leeks, kale, Swiss chard, Gruyere cheese and pecans. Try smoked prosciutto lined muffin pans filled with gourmet mac & cheese. A wonderful addition to any meal is the smoked Mexican cornbread. Don’t forget about dessert, try the mouthwatering smoked lemon blueberry cornmeal cake and my favorite, honey bourbon soaked apples in the smoked honey bourbon apple gingerbread cake. There are many sides, desserts, grilled foods, and desserts along with the meats. Smokin’ Good Eats is available in print on CreateSpace and Amazon April 2017.

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