Smokin’ Good Eats

Smokin’ Good Eats begins with brines, rubs, glazes, and sauces to a show stopping smoked basket weave bacon wrapped meatloaf with pale bourbon sauce. There is also bone-in pork shoulder, pulled pork with creamy apple slaw, smoked St. Louis ribs with supreme St. Louis rib sauce that includes English stout beer. Fantastic Guinness baby back ribs, smoked Guinness pork belly, smoked sausage with cheese bacon wrapped jalapeño peppers, smoked kielbasa, spicy honey bourbon lime wings, honey bourbon chicken drumettes, and smoked wild-caught center-cut sockeye salmon with a maple and Grand Marnier sauce.

Where there is smoking, there are beverages. Serve your guests pineapple rum infused pink Moscato wine, raspberry infused rum lemonade garnished with lemon, fresh raspberries, and a mint sprig, or a pint of bourbon ginger beer lemonade while the food is cooking.

There are plenty of sides to go along with the smoked meat or vegetarian dishes. Add some smoked family style baked beans with hamburger and bacon, smoked stuffed Portobello mushrooms stuffed with leeks, kale, Swiss chard, Gruyère cheese and pecans, muffin tins lined with prosciutto and filled with gourmet mac & cheese, smoked Mexican cornbread with some jalapeños and roasted red peppers in a spice lovers delight, lime jalapeño slaw, Greek pasta salad, or grilled corn on the cob with compound butter.

But don’t forget about dessert. The addicting honey bourbon soaked apples in the smoked honey bourbon apple gingerbread cake is a guest favorite and authors. Try the mouthwatering smoked lemon blueberry cornmeal cake. Bake a delectable chocolate stout orange cognac cake frosted with cream cheese orange cognac to impress the best beer connoisseurs around.

Craving chocolate? Look no further than the chocolate bourbon cake with ganache icing. Savor the craving by licking icing bowl. Want an easier baking recipe? The French vanilla Applejack cake with Applejack cream cheese frosting starts with a box of French vanilla moist cake. The flavors are enhanced by the warmth of the Applejack, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and a can of apple pie filling The aromas will fill your house with warmth.

Need a break from smoking? Invite your guests for one of the best Guinness smoked Gouda burgers with caramelized onions and Guinness burger sauce. This burger will keep your guests coming back for more instead of going to a pub. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, grill the lamb and Havarti burgers which includes White Zinfandel wine and lamb and Havarti yogurt burger sauce.

Smokin’ Good Eats is available on CreateSpace April 23, 2017 and Amazon April 27, 2017 in print.


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